Analysis of Hannah and Her Sisters Essay

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Analysis of Hannah and Her Sisters

‘Hannah and her Sisters’ is an American film set in the 1980’s directed by Woody Allen. Woody Allen was influenced by a Russian dramatist called Chekhov who wrote a play called ‘Three sisters’. Woody Allen based the film on the play, in which the sisters are close but there is still tension between them at the same time.

‘Hannah and her Sisters’ is a funny, swift, difficult yet beautiful film. All the characters lives seem to be uncontrollable. One sister is anxiously striving to find a meaningful direction in her life; another is intertwined with her sister’s husband; and Hannah herself is left lingering in the middle. Each man and woman in the film is
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Next we see his wife Hannah who innocently says “Elliot, sweetheart…” Hannah is portrayed as a helpless victim as she is unaware of Elliot’s secret desires for her sister, Lee. The camera follows Lee around the room imitating Elliot’s eyes as if all he can see is Lee and his own wife is almost invisible to him. This makes Hannah seem to be far from the audience. In his voice-over Elliot confesses he is obsessed with Lee, he says, “I am consumed by her.” The audience is then invited to sympathise with Hannah, as this vulnerable, susceptible character is oblivious to her husband’s feelings.

The relationship between the three sisters expands during the film. This relationship is based on secrecy and it becomes more intriguing later on. At the beginning of the film Hannah is seen as the middle sister (although she is the oldest); she is slightly ignored and her sisters only speak to her if they want help, money or advice. Hannah remains stranded between her sisters, her husband and her ex-husband Mickey. Mickey is a TV producer, who brought comedy to the film as he was seen as a hypochondriac. Hannah the oldest and most sensible sister was sometimes used by the other sisters; Holly, the middle sister, often asked Hannah for money to support her struggling life as an actress and caterer turned writer. Holly used to have a slight cocaine
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