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Enterprise software selection case study: Harley Davidson Motor Company Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Paper outline 1. Brief background of the company 2. Problem statement 3. Scenario description 4. Process Considerations made A. Technical aspects B. Involved stakeholders 5. Software selection process 6. Considerations in software selection conclusions 7. Conclusion Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection Case Study Having been founded in 1903, Harley Davidson Motor Company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles globally. The company produces up to 28,000 motorcycles annually, sold by dealers in over 67 countries around the world. The…show more content…
Leadership emerges as a crucial step in jump starting the process (Thomas, William, Berry, and Clay 56). The process involved in identification of the right supplier information link software involved the following phases: 1. Project team formation 2. Mapping out the existing processes 3. Projecting the desirable process 4. Identifying the people, the processes and the technology involved 5. Process of selection the software supplier * Explaining requirements to prospective suppliers * Receiving proposals and presentations * Narrowing down the bidders * Coming up with the last three * Assessing each of last three 6. Making the final decision From the case study, the processes above are identified as those that led the group to coming up a final decision on the most appropriate supplier to provide the software to the organization. The key guiding factors in selection of the final provider was based on three key factors. These are: ability to speed time to market, ability to reduce costs, and ability to improve product quality. Key factors considered in justifying the need for the software The case also emphasized the importance of coming with factors with factors that justify the need to bring on board the software. These have defined with regard to the people involved, the processes involved, and the technology. With regard to people, it is important to highlight how the software’s

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