Analysis of Haruki Murakani´s Town of Cats

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Town of Cats written by Haruki Murakami, is an exquisite short story about a young man named Tengo. The story describes one particular day in Tengo’s life while also reflecting on his unimaginable childhood. The story provides an immense amount of information on Tengo’s relationship with his father, especially at a younger age. The suffering relationship between father and son is very evident in the story. The setting takes place in many different locations in the short. The author mastered creating a story within a story and magnificently mastered shift tenses. The story starts off with Tengo at a train station in Koenji. “He had nothing planned that day.”The story then stated that, “Wherever he went and whatever he did (or didn’t do)…show more content…
Tengo is surprised by how much his father has aged since his last visit. He described that his father looked like he “shriveled up.” The two talked and Tengo realizes that his father wanders off in conversation and confides in his son about how “he doesn’t have a son.” Tengo tries to pry information out of him, but continuously fails. He then decides to read his father “Town of Cats.” After reading it, his father keeps on bringing up vacuums. He says “when a vacuum forms, something has to come along to fill it. . .” (Town, 13) He then discusses how everyone fills different people’s vacuums and that it is the natural course of life. After talking for a couple of hours, Tengo then takes a taxi back to the train station and reboarded the train that brought him there. There are two main characters in the story, Tengo and his father. Both of the characters are extremely different and are somewhat foils to each other, especially during Tengo’s childhood. Tengo was described as “. . . a tall, strapping man with a broad forehead, a narrow nose, and tightly balled ears.” His father was described a “. . .[a] short and squat and utterly unimpressive. He had a small forehead, a flat nose, and pointed ears like a horse’s.” If one was given both of these description, it would be hard to tell they were even related at all because of their varying appearances. Both of their personalities

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