Analysis of Hemingway's 'Soldier's Home'

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A Soldiers Home The contents in this book have the purpose to open up and provoke a reaction from the readers. The author writes with the intention being to get a reaction from the readers concerning war. War is never easy for anyone. This is independent of whether the person is a participant in the war or from the point of perspective of the observer. The families of the soldiers also have an alteration in their lives. War is never an easy occurrence and has by far serious implications and significance to the society. This story provides the history of a man who was in the war. The author explains the story of the man before the war and compares it to the life that the man has after the war. Basically, the story strives to show that it is impractically possible to move on after being in a war. War changes the lives of people to the extent to which they cannot go back to their earlier manners of living. Krebs joins the war when he was a young boy. As a result of the war, he came back from the war, not as a boy but now as a man. The war may not have affected him physically, but it sure had a significant impact on the personal attributes of the young man. He struggles to find himself a place in the society which is a feat that he later realizes is extremely hard (Imamura, 102). The experiences in the military served to change his perspective of life as extraordinarily simple. The situation is extremely distressing to the extent that he cannot fit inside his own family.
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