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Introduction The Hotel industry has become very important in the past years due to immense traveling and growth of international business. Hotel industry not only plays an important role in the life of people but as well as the economy of the country. Development and advancement in the Hotel industry have rapidly been taking place and especially since the rapid change in technology, it is very important for hotels to be promptly keeping up to date. When the hotel industry is spoken of, there are many famous hotels but one hotel company that has been outstanding in growth and other aspects of business, like in Leadership, Teamwork (Employee turnover), Motivation (Customer retention and satisfaction, Goals and objectives, (changing the way…show more content…
There mission statement is “to be the preeminent global hospitality company – the first choice of guests, team members, and owners alike. And, their motivation is part of their vision, which states, “ to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality”. Core Management and Leadership Core management is one of the main focuses after customer satisfaction at Hilton. The supply management department consists of various different sectors that manage, monitor, plan, organize, lead, and control the management functions. Hilton has been working with hundreds of partners through out the world in terms of contracts to provide hospitality products and services to their staff and customers. Using the talent and ideas they acquire from around the world Hilton has strategically been working hard to provide the best quality in service, superb products, great pricing, and many different programs available to their third party franchisers to be able to maximize their business. The core management departments look over food and beverage, guest rooms and public spaces, property operations, global travel management, and energy management. Besides using third party products these department also monitor and succeed Hilton in introducing its own food and beverage, group sales, and marketing teams that help to reduce expenses. Hilton uses many different services for their officials (company itself not to public) and staff to conduct better business and many

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