Analysis of Hobbits Restaurant

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Executive Summary This paper presents the case analysis discussion of Hobbit's Restaurant. In order to evaluate and assess the current status of the business as perceived by their clients, a survey was conducted. In this paper, the descriptive of the information based on the survey conducted was divided into two parts, the customers' profile and preferences. The results revealed that the majority of the customers are not too familiar with the features or characteristics of a certain restaurant but they prefer quality products and services. Introduction In today's fast and technological modern world, the challenge that the world faces is the difficulty of putting things in order and in place in the best and most effective way. Life has changed since the invention of the computer which dictated to man how to deal with things in the most efficient way possible. In the world of big international business industries where transactions and other business operations are governed by law, cultural differences, and mutual trust, efficiency counts largely as a common entrepreneurial aim. It is common knowledge that every one of the successful companies today sought and found a precise understanding of how it could create an advantage in the operations system and delivery options of the business organization in order to address detailed customer specifications. Every business person is determined to know what kind of work they would and would not do for their customers and in

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