Analysis of Hr Practices Across Verticals

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Analysis of HR Practices across Verticals

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Recruitment and selection 3 Hiring process 4 Trends 4 Training and Development 5 The Training Process 5 Models of Training 6 Systematic Model of Training 6 Transitional Model of Training 7 Instructional System Development Model of Training 8 Variation across Verticals 9 Performance Management 10 Performance management system 10 Differences in goal setting 11 Differences in appraisals 11 Differences in performance feedback 12 Compensation 12 Trends and how they differ across verticals 12 Conclusion 13 Recruitment and selection 13 Training and Development 13 Performance Management 13 Reward and compensation 13

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In the BPO vertical of firms like IBM they recruit visually impaired people as their trainers.
Training and Development
Learning at an organization is more of a self-conducted activity, and is a continuous process that lasts the entire cycle of the organization and the tenure of the employee. Nevertheless, each organization must effectively employ certain training and development activities for new as well as seasoned employees in order to accomplish different objectives:- * Orientation of new employees * Role Change / Responsibility Change * Career Planning * Succession Planning * Soft Skills Training * Skill Transfer * Performance Management and Career Growth
As a part of our study, we tried to understand the training method adopted by various organizations for different classes of employees under different verticals. In essence, unlike the other facets of HR, training and development methodologies do not differ much across verticals in an organization. However, the methodologies vary as per the type of employee who is undergoing the program.
Before we discuss the findings in the light of an example, let us look at certain models followed by organizations at different levels in the industry.
The Training Process
In essence, every training and development cycle needs to consist of certain stages. It needs to be noted that this process is a recursive one, with a continuous effort being put in to revise the cycle as the

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