Analysis of Human Resource Management Essay

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Analysis of Human Resource Management

The report starts with the introduction to Human Resource Management (HRM) and the role it has to play within an organisation followed by brief introduction of the chosen organisation for the discussion-McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. Also, it gives the reasons why this organisation has been chosen. The report presents the key strategic issues and corporate strategy of McDonald’s. Then it carries out an analysis of McDonald’s HR strategy and HR activities. Furthermore, it deals with outcomes of the analysis by comparing and contrasting them with different HRM thinking models. At last, it presents conclusions and recommendations that can improve HR activity
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It makes it realistic by motivating the workforce, developing commitment in them and improving communication.(Armstrong M,2003)

Traditional Personnel management deals with short term planning and controlled externally. With employee relations’ perspective, it has low trust and less communication. It has lot to do with labour management.(limited to the people and not deals with strategy) On the other hand, HRM emphasizes that employees are critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage and is central to organisational strategic performance.(Bratton and Gold,1999).HRM plays great role with organisation’s corporate strategy. But to do this, all HR strategies must be integrated and must be in line with overall business strategies.(Lecture Notes,2004 Topic 1)

Thus, HRM has lot more to do compared to Personnel management.

Why McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is global organisation with a huge workforce. Depending on the nature of their business, HRM is involved at a great extent in their functioning. So, it’d be a great opportunity to deal with different HR aspects by going with McDonald’s. Also, personal experience with McDonald’s is helpful in the analysis that is presented in this report.

McDonald’s Restaurant Ltd.

McDonald’s began in the USA in 1955 with one restaurant. McDonald’s is now the largest and
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