Analysis of I Am, by John Clare Essay

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Analysis of I Am, by John Clare The poem 'I Am' by John Clare is written in the form ABABCC, except for the first verse, which is ABABAB and it is written in iambic pentameter. The structure of the three stanzas seems to be based on time, the first stanza is what is happening, he is 'live' the second is what is about to happen, what he is going 'into' and the third is what he thinks or wants to happen, what "I long for". There is a great use of punctuation, yet there are only two sentences, making the poem seem continuous, troubled and searching and without definite closure. The title of the poem is repeated four times in the first verse, but then it is not written again at all. In fact, after the…show more content…
The use of the phrase 'self-consumer of my woes' is a very interesting one, as means that the pain that the writer is inflicted with is brought upon by himself, and being a consumer, ha knows what he is doing. But yet he does not seem happy, he is forgotten by his friends, uncared for, but still alive, and still willing to carry on for something. There seems to be something deeper that is lying under the surface that has not been explained yet, that he possibly doesn't want to discuss yet. In the second stanza, the imagery that started in the previous stanza is carried on. We move from " vapours tossed", to "living sea", and "shipwreck". These are all very forlorn and distressed images, which is the feeling of the poem. It is the "shipwreck of my life's esteems" that is the most interesting phrase in this stanza; it perfectly sums up the writers feelings towards himself, the complete absence of any self-value. The repetition of strange "Aye strange - nay, rather stranger than the rest" is contemplative, as though the writer is working out for himself, slowly that even the things that he loves turn out to be unreliable. There are very interesting opposites in this stanza that are brought about by the rhyming couples. The words "noise" and "joys" are juxtaposed together, which
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