Analysis of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote Essay

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In Cold Blood is the true story of a multiple murder that rocked the small town of Holcomb, Kansas and neighboring communities in 1959. It begins by introducing the reader to an ideal, all-American family, the Clutters; Herb (the father), Bonnie (the mother), Nancy (the teenage daughter), and Kenyon (the teenage son). The Clutters were prominent members of their community who gained admiration and respect for their neighborly demeanors. Capote tells the story in a way that makes you feel you are being told about the characters by a close acquaintance of each individual character. When you aren't hearing the voices of the characters as they tell their own stories, we hear, not the voice of an author, but the voice of a friend who …show more content…
Suddenly, we are witnesses to the events, which transpire the following morning as two teenage girls (who had planned to attend church with the Clutters) end up finding the bodies in the house. It is not until the killers are captured much later in the story that we learn what happened in the house that night, and in the time between the Clutters killings and the apprehension of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, we shift repeatedly between the Clutter's community and the actions of the killers. Because we aren't given information concerning the murders until the killers are captured, we are able to experience the sense of fear and frustration that plagues the local citizens and law enforcement officials. Not until Perry's confession do we learn the actual events that took place at the Clutters' estate on the night of the murders. After being introduced to the Clutter family, you become acquainted with Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. The two were former inmates who met in prison. After their release, the men meet up for what Dick calls a perfect score. As it turns out, Dick's cell mate had worked for the Clutters some years earlier and suggested to Dick that he check into employment at the Clutters farm because the Clutters were such friendly, kind hearted people. The more Dick learned about the Clutters, the more he considered seeking fast cash as opposed to employment. During the trial in the last chapter of the book, however, Dick
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