Analysis of India in Comparative Politics Essay

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Analysis of India in Comparative Politics

Perhaps the most important issue to be addressed after the publication of this book is the dangerous climate that has risen in India. The debates over Kashmir, a small piece of territory both India and neighboring country Pakistan have been claiming since the 1940s, has heated up. The situation has grown to a point where the two nuclear powers have come the closest they have ever been to war, while the world holds its breath.

When Great Britain gave India its independence in 1947, the subcontinent was split into Pakistan and India. Jammu and Kashmir (the area’s official name) was declared sovereign at first, but was eventually split between to two diverse countries. Since
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The population of India could suffer a small decline, and the way of life would be forever altered, but the occurring conflict has nothing to do with India itself.

The most important thing mentioned in the beginning of the chapter that should be dealt with is the change of power in government and possibly a united front behind a leader rather than a party. In 1999, Vajpayee became prime minister again after suffering a defeat five weeks earlier. According to Asiaweek magazine, the election result, “gives a clear message to Vajpayee: We trust you, but do not trust your party.”1 Although Vajpayee holds no current title in the party, he is a member of the BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party). The Congress party has governed the country most years since India’s independence, and the system works so that parties rule. Another article in Asiaweek says, “Except for one coalition in the 1970s, no non-Congress government has ever survived more than 12 months in power. Because the cabinet consists of officials from many parties, consensus on policies is hard to achieve.”2

As for the analysis of India in the book, it does make sense. The struggle between the parties still exists, the effect of Great Britain on India is still present (through the conflict with Pakistan over Kashmir), and despite all of the struggles India faces, including overpopulation, a lagging economy,
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