Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid's 'Lucy' and Edwidge Danticat's 'The Farming of Bones'

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Danticat and Kincaid Every single culture is a unique social creation wherein the population of a given location has worked together for years to develop attitudes, perceptions, artistic and aesthetic interests, and ideologies which will be individual to the culture. It will also develop important attitudes about which groups within the cultural community will comprise the majority and which the minority. Those in the majority culture will have the power and those in the minority will have to abide by whatever rules and sanctions the majority population devises. The majority culture also determines how the minority culture will be treated and how the two groups will be classified. Often, differentiation of groups is determined by race, religion, or social and economic class. Throughout literary history, authors have endeavored to capture the past as well as recreate and articulate sociological inequalities within that past in order to better understand the psychology and sociology of those who exist in the present. Issues of race, being one of the primary examples of social inequality, often appear in controversial and important works of literature from around the world. In the Caribbean Sea, people have had to deal with centuries of racial prejudices and sociological inequity since the first explorers arrived on the island and demanded that those with darker skins become the slaves of those with light skin, a period which still affects the populations of the Caribbean to

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