Analysis of Ji-Li Jiang´s The Red Scarf Girl Essay

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Hey You!Yes know...the one reading this o.O?Today(What?Your'e not gonna read it today cause your reading it now),you'll be reading a book report about the memoir/auto-biography/non-fiction,Red Scarf Girl.No it's ok,yeah I know,book reports are boring,and the title and genre of this book makes it even sound more boring,but WAIT,before you throw this in the fire,remember the phrase:
"Don't judge a book by it's cover"
The Book,Red Scarf Girl contains 272 pages of words that build up suspense and excitement.It was published in 1997 by Harper Collins Publisher and has won many awards,such as the ALA award.The book also contains a forward by David Henry Hwang.The Red Scarf Girl will make you experience the Cultural Revolution on a gut level .The book was written by and is about Ji-Li Jiang,author of Magic Monkey King.Throughout this book, it reveals her struggles to find her identity, and her dilemmas that help grow as a person. This book helps grasp some of the cultural differences that are found between China and America.
Plot Summary
It's 1996,and we're in Shanghai,China.Anguish and rage is in the air.Why?Because 1996 is when Chairman Mao launched the Cultural Revolution,when intelligence became a crime and a wealthy family background invited persecution' or worse.Ji-Li Jiang is 12-years-old.An outstanding student and leader in her school,she had everything a young girl could…

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