Analysis of Jim Collin's Great by Choice Essay

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Human Sexuality Assignment At its core, Great By Choice is a deep exploration of what distinguishes top performers from their peers during times of chaos, crisis, instability and uncertainty. Rigorous in its approach but practical in its presentation, Great By Choice to me seems like the perfect handbook for college seniors such as myself. In tackling the question of what distinguishes top performers in times of uncertainty, the authors first define what exactly a top performer is and then highlights the three key ingredients that these individuals were discovered to possess. 10Xers are leaders who built companies that started from a position of vulnerability, rose to beat their respective industries by at least 10 times, and did so in…show more content…
Basically a forward thinking individual who understands that slow and steady wins the race who is armed with patience, drive, and the ability to sell their dream to others is needed to obtain success before anything else. According to Collins the “fire bullets, then cannonballs” approach is the best way to explain the success of large companies. The concept is sort of an homage to the days before automatic handguns. It takes a lot less gunpowder to fire a bullet than a cannonball, so it is more effective and plausible to start a battle with bullets; and once enough time has been spent preparing for the big finish then a cannonball can and should be fired. A bullet is a low-distraction, low-risk, and low-cost test or experiement. There are two types of cannonballs, uncalibrated and calibrated. A calibrated cannonball is an idea or concept that is backed by evidence, or in this case empirical validation. A uncalibrated cannonball, in more or less words, is when one places all their eggs in one basket without taking the time to obtain empirical validation. Again, slow and steady wins the race. Intel’s founders believed that innovation without discipline leads to disaster. This means having the patience to cultivate, check and double check an idea to make certain it can be executed and delivered. With this patience one must take it upon themselves to figure out what will and will not work. There is no way to predict the future,

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