Analysis of Joesph J. Ellis´ American Creation Essay

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Joseph J. Ellis the author of American Creation which turns out to be a national best seller who wrote other book such as His Excellency, founding brother, American Sphinx, Passionate sage, after the revolution, and school for soldiers. What the author does that make this book a very unique book is he give us a brief back around of American coming to life after multiple attempt to set up a government. He tells us how we use much different culture to build our government from deciding if we should have a dictatorship like in England or not but have a democracy like the Romans. Joseph makes important arguments which could not be resolved at the time we were building the Constitution, of how we should governing a long-term argument over the…show more content…
He had to quickly give up on the whole illusion that we still have a chance at treasures of their day which plays later plays a major role in the US today that we no longer fight for freedom but we fight to hold peace and to protect our self but back then during the revolution people we fighting for a chance at making a new country and that our liberty will always defeat enemy that fight for just money or glory. Joseph shows that George Washington had come to realize that he had to quickly give up the idea that he will always have army and that he will have soldier that from other countries and different state like Massachusetts or Maryland . He tells us how that many of those people would end up soldiers who would joined them to help them through the war and would be a military that would be discipline but at the same time as violation which they understood that they would have to be in order to win each of their individual liberty. He tells us how Washington was in the British military and was train by them but he also did training by himself which would have a side effect of his training. It would cause Washington to avoid major battles but it will ultimately turn out that this will resort in his successful. My understanding of the from reading these page that Washington didn’t fight for independence but fought for independence but what happens we know that he did not fight his battle alone from basic knowledge we know that Washington
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