Analysis of John Knowles A Separate Peace

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A Separate peace Analysis Essay A separate peace is great novel written by John Knowles. The novel is about the narrator/ protagonist named Gene Forrester who returned to the prep school in which he attended fifteen years ago. The school is called Devon which is located in New Hampshire. While roaming around the school's campus he reminisced the time he has spent at Devon, especially the year of 1942. During this time, World War II was happening overseas and Gene was sixteen years old which meant that in two years, Gene was likely to be drafted to the war. At this point, the story shifts into a flashback of the year 1942 , a unique year for Gene. Gene spent most of his time with a boy named Phineas, nicknamed Finny, who is his roommate. At the beginning of the novel, Finny creates this group called the Super Suicide Society making himself and Gene as leaders. One day Finny has this great idea that he and Gene should jump from the tree together and of course Gene agrees to this idea. Once the boys got in the tree Gene suddenly losses his balance causing the branch to shake and in result Finny harshly falls to the ground shattering his leg and the chances of having any sports career. Feeling horrible, Gene tries to confess that it was he who caused this accident but Finny refuses to accept the fact that Gene pushed him out of the tree. Gene now feels as if he owes Finny a penance for his terrible action and continues to allow Finny to mold him into a mini Finny. At that the
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