Analysis of John from the Painted Door

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An Analysis of John from The Painted Door John, a character of Sinclair Ross’ short story, The Painted Door, is a very admirable character. A struggling farmer, he resides in a small farmhouse alongside his wife of seven years, Ann. During a raging snowstorm, John ventures to his father’s house to assist him. This leaves Ann alienated in the farmhouse. John arranges for his friend Steven to visit Ann and accompany her during her isolated hours. While he is visiting, Steven seduces Ann, and they ultimately sleep together. After discovering this, John commits suicide by freezing to death in the roaring blizzard outside the farmhouse. A hardworking labourer, John is a diligent, considerate and unappreciated character. Firstly, John displays…show more content…
not pretty clothes when she would be too old to wear them” (3). While Ann wants the money to pay off the mortgage, she is not pleased that John spends his time working. As stated on page 3, “[Working] was to deprive her of his companionship, to make him a little duller, older, uglier than he might otherwise have been”. His demanding efforts to make money goes unnoticed by Ann. His status as her husband is similarly unappreciated. A change of mind enters Ann's head when Steven enters the farmhouse. Ann begins comparing the two men, Steven as “erect, tall, square-shouldered” (6) while John is “thicket, heavy-jowled and stooped” (6). Steven seduces Ann, which leads to the pair sleeping together. By cheating on her husband, Ann's behaviour is not only disloyal, but ungracious also. Steven is also unappreciative of his friendship with John, as betrayed him and slept with his wife. Although John commits himself to pleasing Ann, she is not too content. Since Ann does not notice o respect John's attempts to gladden her, he is an unappreciated character who should be treated with far greater amount of respect and admiration from fellow characters. Throughout the short story, The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross, John is established as an admirable character. His hardworking and compassionate behaviour emphasizes his admirable personality. Overall, John is a diligent, considerate and unappreciated
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