Analysis of Johnathan Swift´s A Modest Proposal Essay

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A Modest Proposal was written in 1729 by a man of the name Johnathan Swift. This is a piece of early satire. He writes this to insult the early government system and mocks the heartless attitude that they have against the poor. He does this by writing a proposal that absolutely is outlandish and unthinkable, starting by addressing the current issue. “FOR PREVENTING THE CHILDREN OF POOR PEOPLE IN IRELAND FROM BEING A BURDEN TO THEIR PARENTS OR COUNTRY, AND FOR MAKING THEM BENEFICIAL TO THE PUBLIC” (Swift 1). Through-out the proposal you are taken aback by what exactly it is that this man was proposing. “A young healthy child will be nursed is at a year old most delicious, nourishing wholesome food” (Swift 3).and “May flay the carcass; the…show more content…
This is ethological to propose this because these are ethical ways of saying ok look we have a problem, and because he has such great techniques that he writes it in a way that makes the solution sound as if it is nothing. As for the pathos he uses an odd cluster of words that attract your attention that makes you feel emotion towards these poor family you don’t even know. “’ All their time in strolling to beg substances for their helpless infants:” (Swift 1) and “Voluntary abortions, and that horrid practice of women murdering their bastard children...” (Swift 2). The words in this such as horrid, bastard, helpless, beg stir up emotion. Another pathos that Swift uses is the people or poor people the proposal refers to them as, is he dehumanizes them to the position of an animal.
“One-fourth part to be males; which is more than we allow to sheep, black cattle or swine;” (Swift 3). Referring to the woman to a pregnant animal claiming the husband will treat her better instead of beat her as usual practice due to fear of miscarriage. (Swift 6) Swift claims that these people are better of eaten then in the position that the country is currently in. “ready to starve from want of work and service;” (Swift 4). For the people who want work but cannot get jobs to might as well do work, these children are only being used as beggars when they can help the country in much better ways. “These mothers, instead of being able to work for their honest
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