Analysis of Johnsonville Sausage Co. (a) Case Study Essay

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ANALYSIS OF JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE CO. (A) CASE STUDY IN THE ASPECT OF STRATEGIC DESIGN Prepared by USANUS SIRITARARATN, 2012 The Johnsonville Sausage Co. (A) case study from Harvard Business School is about Johnsonville Sausage Co, a sausage manufacturer and wholesaler in Johnsonville, Wisconsin. As the company grew over time, the president of Johnsonville Sausage Co., Ralph Stayer, faced many big problems in his organization. After Stayer listened to a lecture about how managers could change their philosophy and style of management from Dr. Lee Thayer, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Stayer thought about his organization and found out that the problems in his organization were the result of the way he managed his…show more content…
Stayer’s Liaison role in the organization after the transition can be seen when he said, “I spend a lot of time with people in the organization just talking things through, I don’t tell what to do anymore” (Roberts, 1986: 5). Many positions which serve as minor Liaison roles were also added after the transition. For example, the Sales Coordinator position is responsible for coordinating and eliminating the problems between Sales and Manufacturing function. Another important example is the replacement of the Manufacturing Supervisor by a Lead person. The Supervisor was seen by the workers as a person who yelled at them when they did something wrong or not good enough. But the Lead person’s role is to train new workers, give workers the information they need, fulfill workers’ needs, and collect data. This replacement had improved the quality of Strategic Linking and the Formal Reporting Structure in the organization by eliminating the distance in relationship between workers and their superiors. Another important change after the organizational transition was the establishment of many Temporary and Permanent Cross-unit Groups. These groups include: 1. Annual Budgets and Goals Development Group Consists of employees from manufacturing (line workers), sales, and accounting. Together develop annual sales forecasts,

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