Analysis of Jonathan Pollard's Espionage Episode

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Jonathan Pollard's espionage episode The Jonathan Pollard espionage case is particularly controversial because while there is solid evidence to incriminate the individual, a great deal of Jewish activists lobby with regard to his release. This particular case is one of the most divisive events in recent U.S. espionage history. The fact that Pollard was a spy for an ally of the U.S. and that Israel abnegated him once he got caught generated much confusion, taking into account that the world had difficulties understanding the circumstances during which the episode happened. From the moment when he was a child Pollard felt how society was inclined to discriminate him on account of his ethnic background and his religion. Even with this, he started to sympathize with Israel and with Judaism in general as he tried to ignore individuals who used stereotypes with regard to him. "From his youth, Jonathan Pollard had had an intense emotional attachment to the Jewish state." (Shapiro 56) One of the most impressive things about Pollard is that he was described as a peace-loving individual who would most likely refrain from putting across actions that would harm others (Trahair 267). While Pollard was generally regarded as a moral person, the fact that he felt responsible for how Jewish individuals were regarded throughout the world influenced him to take on attitudes that were in disagreement with his character. As a consequence, he considered that it was essential for him to do

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