Analysis of Jonathan Swift´s A Modest Proposal Essay

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Poverty has been a problem not only in Texas or the United States, but all over the world. Many types of individuals have addressed this topic for years, raised money, volunteered, but still, as much as there’s said and done, the issue hasn’t been fazed a bit. From Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal, he clarifies the poverty issued throughout Ireland in the early 1700’s and how one suggestion could change it all. Elaborated from the Literary Reference Center, “A Modest Proposal, like Gulliver’s Travels, transcends the political, social, and economic crisis that gave birth to it, woeful as they were. Packed with irony and satirical revelations of the human condition…” Swift wasn’t just writing a masterpiece, but an intended, informational sequence of “helpful” antics, so he says.
The underdevelopment and poorness of Ireland communities was most provident amongst mothers of small children. Again from the Literary Reference Center, “Mothers begging for alms, with a crowd of children in their arms are a common sight. The vast majority of the population is poor, with little useful employment. Poverty drives the youths of Ireland into crime, slavery, or armies…” this quote from Swift’s work addresses what is happening and what is being seen. Poverty isn’t just about having no money, but infants and children that have no food, older kids sold in for work and treated no better, and the teenagers getting shipped to the front of the line with a weapon. No question about it, the…