Analysis of Jules Ferry's Argument on French Colonial Expansion 1884

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Analysis of Jules Ferry’s argument on French Colonial Expansion 1884

The industrial revolution was not only a time of great advancement for the west but was equally troubling for the European countries, especially that of France. Jules Ferry, a French statesmen recognized a need for expansion and took it upon himself to go in front of French parliament to argue his position of the need for French colonial expansion. The arguments he made in support of his country were of economical, humanitarian, and patriotic views.
The first of these arguments was economical in nature. Ferry felt it urgent to expand the French colonies because he recognized a change in foreign economic strategies that would directly affect France. He saw that
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They believed that Ferry wanted to take these small underdeveloped African and Asian countries by force and use them for colonial expansion. I don’t believe that his critics liked the idea of forcing expansion. I think that Ferry’s reasoning were more humanitarian in nature. He wanted to develop and educate these countries and by doing this for them it would create new markets for France. He also justifies his remarks by saying that they will never become great by being do nothing people. He said that to be great that they had to act and that the choices they made would decide how great they could become.
Ferry’s last argument was that of patriotism. Ferry was a patriot, a countryman if you will. He believed that his country was great but could be greater. This is why his last argument was on the defense of his country A country should be as self sufficient as possible when it comes to its national defense, and so to compete with the military and naval expansion of rival nations it would only be logical to make a move that would strengthen military forces. Ferry expressed a need for safe harbors, defenses, and supply centers for naval ships. Ferry uses an example of a war ship and talks about the fact that regardless of how perfect the war ship is designed that it cannot carry more than two week of coal. Ferry understood that it was an essential move for strengthening and extending the reach of

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