Analysis of Kanye West's All Falls Down Essay

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Thanh Do Professor Rehner English 1980, Tutorial 1 24 March 2009 Personal Context Essay: All Falls Down Kanye West produced the popular song “All Falls Down” in 2004. He is well known for creating many wonderful tunes but this one stands out above the rest. While his other songs contain bass-heavy instrumentals and contain lyrics about money and women, this one is strays away from the previous structures. “All Falls Down” catches the attention of youth, with its mellow melody, to send a strong message concerning the overemphasis on money and education and how it can be harmful through the lyrics. The issues contained in the message are highly focused on the idea that money and education will not always be there…show more content…
Artists tend to showcase a slower tempo for the song if it dealt with negative views of drugs because it is important to raise the awareness. Kanye tries to usher the ideas that money and education shouldn’t be the only objectives of life, so it shouldn’t be so important. Because it is unimportant, why express it with such detail in a slower pace? The music and lyrics therefore are contrasted with a purpose. The tempo is created with a bass guitar and drums. Add these to the already established acoustic guitar and female vocals and the beat sounds very complex. This suggests that the issues are also complex; they cannot be easily understood and solved. The lyrics of a song often have no substance and a clear example would be any Britney Spears song. The lyrics of “All Falls Down” are very deep. They talk about the ideal situation in life; We should go to school, get a good job and make money to buy what we want. The lyrics then ask, what if this doesn’t happen? This is prevalent in the first verse. “She has no idea what she doing in college. That major that she majoring, it don’t make no money.” The song questions these everyday values because we focus so much on these things, we don’t realize there are more important things in life such as life itself. Even Kanye admits that he spent money at Jacob’s Jewellery store before he thought about a house. “I went to Jacob with

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