Analysis of Ken Jenning´s Maphead: Charting the Wide Weird World of Geography

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Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks is Ken's followup to his 2005 best-seller Brainiac. Much as his previous book Braniac followed the competitive world of game shows. Jennings offered that same behind the scenes look into the world of geography buffs and map geeks alike. In a world where geography only makes the headlines or points of coffee house discussion if a new study is released about how terrible students are at it, however, amazingly there ARE still students and people alike that simply love it and are thriving in their point of interest. Some stare at maps endlessly searching for things that most people would never even care to look at such as what makes this state similar with this state or why is…show more content…
Jennings takes a book that would normally be a boring read for the majority of us, unless you’re a “map geek” as he defines in the book and turns it into something more, something much more. In chapter 1 the first map he discusses is the old one, the trusty rusty, the map you almost fell asleep looking at in high school world geography. The paper multi-fold map. Jennings explains that he could stare at those maps for hours upon hours. For him it was like being on a never ending vacation. The places he would visit by imagination and the names of those places absolutely drew him in and held him in an utter fascination. He felt as if he could sit on the highest point in Arkansas all from his dimly lit room seated in a recliner. The world was endless; he could go anywhere he wanted without spending anything but his time. In chapter 2 Jennings explains what could make a person a map head and what could make a person an anti-maphead. Anti-mapheads are those people that hate maps, that cannot stand looking at things from a 2D perspective, and that would have no trouble getting lost in Wal-Mart. Jennings does say, however, that a love for maps can be acquired. The hippocampus is a navigational section used for navigation. Studies show that the hippocampus can enlarge simply by taking an introductory course in engineering graphics. Jennings says when people say they simply
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