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Analysis of Kingsford Charcoal
(graphics not included) In this report, we will be analyzing the current performance of Kingsford in the marketplace and identify the main cause of revenue deterioration. Thereafter, a comprehensive strategy and marketing plan will be presented. We will begin with identifying current business orientation of Kingsford. Then, we will analyze its position in the marketplace and various external forces. In-depth analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of Kingsford is done to have a clearer picture on what should be done to boost its revenue and profit. The analysis theories used are Porter’s Five Forces, PEST, and SWOT. There are a few important findings that require immediate attention.

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Currently, it has 2 products marketed under “Kingsford” brand name; Regular – “Blue Bag” and Instant – “Red Bag”. It enjoys steady revenue growth since 1980s, but sales statistics for FY2000 shows that there would be a drop in volume growth, which will have a major impact in its net profit. As a market leader, Kingsford maintains its market share, but the main concern will be the performance of entire charcoal category which declines in terms of shipping and penetration trends (Figure 1). The company has been practicing sales orientation, focusing to sustain market share within charcoal category and has been reducing advertising budget.
This report begins with a thorough examination on internal and external factors which contributes to Kingsford performance in the marketplace. It will highlight key reasons for its decline, and analyze the consumer’s needs and wants.
In the next section, this report will propose marketing strategies and plans to assist Kingsford achieves its targeted revenue and profit.

2.0 Analysis of Kingsford Market Situation
The Marketing Audit, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT, PEST are used to analyze the internal and external factors to better understand Kingsford position in the charcoal business.

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