Analysis of Kudler's Marketing Strategy and Position

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Kudler Fine Foods An Analysis of Kudler's Marketing Strategy and Position Introduction Kudler Fine Foods is a remarkable small business that has a solid business model. In just a few years' time, the company has been able to expand their operations to new retail locations as well as expanding the model to offer catering services as well. Despite the initial success Kudler has achieved, the expansion of the business will dictate that the company reevaluates their market position. There are many tools that can be used to help the company determine how to best manage the expansion and a detailed market research product should be performed. However, this analysis will serve as the basis in which further research will be conducted. The 4 P analysis will be performed and is generally a well-suited foundation for further research. Current Marketing Mix Product Kudler offers a range of products through their retail locations as well as a service offering that consists of catering services. The products that Kudler sells consist of gourmet and specialty products that are typically hard to find. Therefore Kudler operates in a fairly narrow market niche. Price Price is one of the most important components in regard to a marketing mix. Price is important to virtually all consumers although some concern themselves with perceptions of value as well. Kudler is positioned in the higher end of the price spectrum with a "premium" product position. This position requires Kudler to

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