Analysis of Landmark Court Cases

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Analysis of Landmark Court Cases Two court cases are examined for this paper that are somewhat similar. The first case was precedent setting and the second seemed to follow some of the same ground as the first. The two cases, Aetna v. Pendleton Detectives and Patterson v. TLW and Turtle Creek, are presented below. Aetna Casualty Surety Co. v. Pendleton Detectives Facts of the Case A Merchant's warehouse in Mississippi contracted with Pendleton Detective service to provide security during the nighttime hours. There were quickly problems between the two companies. Merchant's claimed that because of people from Pendleton Detectives "the gate was left open at times, guards arrived at work intoxicated, made personal phone calls, and entertained members of the opposite sex while on duty" (Aetna v. Pendleton Detectives, 1999). Coupled with the unsatisfactory performance of the security company was the fact that, beginning in 1995, there was a large amount of theft occurring from the warehouse at night. Merchant's did not suspect that Pendleton detectives had anything to do with the thefts (because they were not allowed in the warehouse at night), but they did have an issue with the fact that the thefts were occurring when they had hired security on the premises. After the thefts continued on a large scale, Merchant's informed the security agency of the thefts and they still continued to happen. At this point Merchant's determined that part of the theft ring was the

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