Analysis of Literature about Hospital Falls

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Evidence Based Nursing An Analysis of the Literature in Regards to Falling Introduction Evidence based nursing practices are based upon an approach that holds evidence in the utmost regard. In order to provide better health care researchers rely on an objective approach to collect and analyze data that is used especially for decision making. By utilizing a qualitative approach to investigating the root causes of different issues, researchers can eliminate large amounts of bias from their recommendations that can be implemented in the decision making process. This analysis will briefly review some of the evidence based approaches that have been used in regards to determining the cause that result in patient falls when they are in professional care and some of the recommendations that have been made to prevent such situations from occurring. Literature Review There has been a substantial body of research building in regards to patient falls due to the injuries and the liabilities that may result from these situations. Fall-related injuries can be some of the most common, disabling, and expensive health conditions encountered by adults, especially older adults (Simmons, 2010). The research has identified many specific risk factors including environmental hazards, adaptive equipment maintenance, psychotropic drug use, physical therapy or exercise, staff education, post fall problem solving, and hip protectors (Colon-Emeric, et al., 2006). However, using these
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