Analysis of M. Night Shyamalan´s After Earth

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“Danger is real, but fear is a choice.” As intriguing and captivating as this catch phrase sounds, the film as a whole may not fit that classification. While M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth (2013) is ineffective in reaching some of its audiences as anticipated, others seem to have enjoyed the movie thoroughly. The film opens with a promising story where humans are forced to escape a polluted Earth inhabited by an alien race that is trained to exterminate them and retreat to Nova Prime, a new home, to find refuge. General Cypher Rage, played by Will Smith, plays a fearless warrior who has superior “ghosting” ability to mask his fear which makes him invulnerable to the aliens. His son Kitai, played by Jaden Smith, is an eager cadet wanting…show more content…
A generic plot is a major reason for that. After Earth in the end proves to be a misfire at the box office because of its dry and predictable story. M. Night Shyamalan is known for having twists in his stories, but this film does not seem to follow that successful formula, and it eventually costs him. Throughout the film, only three major things happen: a plane crash, Kitai running to retrieve the beacon, and a fight that brings the movie to an end. Evidently, it is not possible to say that the film has no high points, but as soon as it looks like the storyline is progressing, it ended and moved on to the next scene. There is an instance in the film where Kitai is running from lethal dogs. When suddenly they fence him from all corners; this build up turns into a “that’s it” moment when Kitai escapes through a little gap between the trees. Shyamalan seems to find little loopholes that he can use to save some time instead of thinking of a more innovative way to get through obstacles. As soon as evening took over Earth, the temperature drops rapidly. Kitai is fast asleep in the midst of the jungle, not knowing of the danger that surrounds him. Nonetheless, this dangers does not prove to be a big deal for Shyamalan because in a matter of seconds a gigantic bird appears and protects Kitai under its wings. When the situation appears most intense, Shyamalan resorts to a convenient solution to get the characters out of threatening situations. Because of this, the film does not

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