Analysis of Ma Yun´s Leadership in Alibaba Group Essay

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Leadership is a vital component that leads effective teamwork. According to Mullins (2010), a good leader will influence his talented staff and their actions will lead the good performance. This report is going to examine the influences of the Ma Yun’s leadership on the Alibaba Group.

Business environment
Nowadays, high-speed development of the technology has changed the daily life and the computer and the Internet have become the mainstream in China markets. The expansion of the Internet rapidly leads the e-commence to develop and change the operation way of Chinese business. At present, there are many people who want to start-up a business on their own. Ma seizes the opportunity to establish a great stage ‘Alibaba’ for
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Currently, there are more than 20000 people who work for the Alibaba Group. There are more than 70 offices in China, Singapore, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. Alibaba is focused on building a collaborative and prosperous e-commerce ecosystem that benefits merchants, consumers and the economy as a whole.

Size of the Alibaba group is large, however, it can also be considered as an enterprise. Alibaba develops its organization success and rapid growth on entrepreneurship, service range, creative, and innovation.

Jack Ma is the most successful Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Alibaba Group that has lots of subsidiary corporations and it is a successful group with a wide range of business scopes such,,,,, AliExpress and etc. Ma is a leader who has an entrepreneurship. According to Shane (2003), entrepreneurship is an activity that involves exploring, estimate and discovery of opportunities to build a new organization with new ideas, services and productions through business efforts that are not exist previously. The proud achievements of Alibaba are due to Alibaba’s employees’ efforts and the charming leading of Ma. Ma is the charismatic and transformational leader. Numerous media researchers identified that the Alibaba’s success is due to the Ma’s leading ability and they
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