Analysis of Macy's Business Model

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Abstract A business model is an important and integral part of the business a strategy of any firm whether big or small. The way a business model is developed determines and indicates the values, ethics and principles on the lines of which the business at large will be operating. It also indicates how the business is going to function and covers various internal and external dimensions of a business and the organization as a whole. Introduction Macy's business model, like the other two rivals is focused on achieving sustainable growth. Most of the business strategy is outlined and dominated by the firm's extensive indulgence in Corporate Social Responsibility. Macy's believes in attaining sustainable growth satisfying its customer and providing them value for their money in a socially responsible manner (Child 2002). As stated earlier, Macy's business model, though aims at sustainability and growth, but it is too much centred on corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility in the contemporary corporate world is seen as an immensely important part of business strategy. It involves organizations taking responsibility of 'giving something to the society' in return of what they earn from them (Fleisher, 2008). Many organizations today use corporate social responsibility as a potential marketing tool, also referred to as cause related marketing. Although highly important, and also pursued by the competing firms, extreme dependence and centred focus on

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