Analysis of 'Making a Killing': A Documentary about Psychotropic Drugs

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Making a Killing: Documentary about Psychotropic Drugs

We have all seen them. Those countless commercials running all day every day, advertising the benefits of psychotropic drugs. Yet, no one can really tell you what they are for. Then, when one goes to a psychiatrist, many are prescribed these very same mystery drugs, often for feelings or conditions that are commonly found in most people. Psychotropic drugs are everywhere today. Physicians are often being prompted by big billion dollar drug companies to overprescribe psychotropic drugs in order to keep the massive industry moving, despite what damage it may actually be causing the patients who are already in a vulnerable state to begin with. Over the past few generations, a wealth of new psychotropic drugs has become available. According to bug drug companies and the psychiatrists that support them, these are a new weapon in the battleground fighting the wide variety of mental diseases that plague a large portion of society. Today, there a hundred of psychotropic drugs that are often used to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and other types of common mental illnesses. Many within the psychiatric industry hail them as a god send.
Yet, despite the clear benefits some of these medications have for a portion of the population, it is clear that many of the big drug companies that are making are exploiting America's need for them. Today, the psychotropic drug market is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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