Analysis of Managerial Decisions: Medford University

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Case Study Analysis 03
Analyzing Managerial Decisions – Medford University

Kajli Agrawal
University of the Potomac
BUS502-Managerial Economics
January 25, 2015
Professor Geraldine Cameron


Medford University is up against a financial crises and the management have found the need to tackle the crises on high priority. The primary focus is to tackle the considerable cost of fringe benefits and retirement benefits offered by the university to its employees. A whooping $100 million is spent annually by the management towards the fringe benefits for the employees (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009). In an attempt to find a solution for reducing these costs, the management could have approached the Human
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Every member of the task force is bound to bring in various personal opinions and perceptions to the issue at hand and hence as the lead administrator, he would have to take into consideration and lead the team in the right direction. Hence the chief administrator is the most able person to help guide the committee and keep them on track in attaining the desired result. This will ensure there is a broader perspective on the problem, diverse opinion and a solution is amicably found. This allows the committee to focus on greater detail the data presented so there is an even evaluation by each individual and, as a group.
4) The purpose of the committee is to find the best possible solution to tackle the financial crises faced by the university. However, it is not something that is guaranteed to be accepted by the President. The president will consider the report of the committee as the solution to the financial crises but the president does have the power to override, make suggestions or modify the solution as he see fits. It was wise to appoint her assistants as the vice provosts, to the task force to ensure that the president had easy access to information and minutes of the meetings. While the intent is to lower the cost of fringe benefits, the president does not want to
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