Analysis of Margaret Atwood's "The Year of the Flood"

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Julie Stover
Honors 200-012
Essay #3 In Margaret Atwood’s novel The Year Of The Flood she unfolds a bizarre, futuristic world of nature; one in which we see the primal instinct to survive. After a super disease wipes out the vast majority of the population, the few remaining characters endure dangerous creatures, strange weather, and other risky survivors. Why did certain individuals live while others perished? Was it simply fate, or was their survival predetermined by their beliefs? Atwood’s cunning style of writing leads me to believe that both were necessary factors to these characters survival in this version of nature. The Year Of The Flood is set into the future, where conditions are horrible even before the start of the killer
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Pilar, one of the Eves of the Gardener’s, taught Toby everything there was to know about raising bees and growing mushrooms. With Toby’s previous holistic healing experience from college, she eventually became an Eve herself. Although Toby felt forced by Adam One and Pilar to become an Eve, she took the role nevertheless. She still could not find religion as easily as the others could, during a Gardener meeting Atwood explains this when she says, “Toby had some difficult praying in the close confines of the hidden room: she was too aware of stomach rumblings, of the wafting of clandestine odors, of the creaks and shifting of bodies. But then, she had some difficulty praying anyways” (246). (holy run on sentence, this is 5 lines long, cut down or make into two) Then Blanco came to the Gardener’s rooftop for revenge over a fight Zeb, a Gardener, started with him. Blanco recognized Toby immediately and she had to leave the Gardeners for her own safety. When she left, she received a surgery to change her appearance and began working at the AnooYoo spa. She remained in contact with Zeb through her computer. Then the waterless flood struck. It began as a simple epidemic (use different word since epidemic means widespread), killing a minor number of people and later that evening it was reported on the news, which created a slight concern, however people were reassured that a solution would be found in no time. (run-on, too
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