Analysis of Marketing Effectiveness

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Marketing Effectiveness Analysis – Retail and Non-Profit Sectors Marketing effectiveness is defined as the ability of an organization to reach its marketing objectives while taking into account the organization’s resource constraints. A website 's marketing effectiveness can be determined by a number of different factors including value proposition, segmentation and positioning strategies, on-site personalization elements, the site’s ability to drive traffic, user engagement, reassurance elements, integration of services, and the “fit” of informational content with the goals of the site. In this paper, both the retail-apparel and non-profit sectors are analyzed to determine which factors are most critical in…show more content…
A second critical factor is the business’s value proposition (i.e., how a business presents benefits to the customers). Without a unique value proposition, it would be difficult to distinguish the benefits of choosing one site over another when shopping for retail outdoor apparel. Patagonia focuses on high performance, environmentally friendly, outdoor apparel for a true adventurist. They advertise the environmental “footprint” of their products and highlight the key performance aspects of their clothing items. The North Face’s value proposition focuses on the whole family by attempting to create a sense of community around their high performance apparel while still presenting the concept that even the weekend camper receives a lot of value from their clothing. Lastly, prAna caters to the calm adventurer, focusing on high quality, yet comfortable apparel designed specifically to be durable and stretchy for their yoga and rock climbing markets. Finally, a very important element in retail sites, particularly in an industry as competitive as retail- apparel, is the ability to convert visitors into sales. One of the factors that are critical to conversion is the presence of reassurance elements on the site. Patagonia, The North Face, and prAna all have clearly visible privacy policies and third party secure checkout logos on the site in order to help reassure customers that their
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