Analysis of Mars Model and Individual Behavior in Xyz Company

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Introduction An organization’s behavior determines by culture, structure, leadership, internal and external factors of organization; therefore, the manager must be able to recognize and react to the factors in order to achieve the organization’s goals. Human behavior in the organization is complex and it differs from every individual to another. Organizations face challenges to match the task, manager and subordinate in an efficient and effective way. Manager or Management in the organization should analyze the tasks, required skills and assemble a team that match each other skills; therefore the management can create an enrich and conflict free team which need to perform the job well. This report is based on XYZ Company’s challenges…show more content…
Understands their job duties(roles perception) well, 3. Adequate and sufficient resources(situational factors) 4. Not be able to perform their job well if they lack of product knowledge and sales selling techniques(ability). i )Motivation Motivation is the forces within a person that affects his/her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behavior, motivation can be categorized based on the incentives and based on the type of reinforcement. • Motivation through Incentives - Financial (Bonus, Target based incentive)[pic] Financial incentives bonus is provided to employee when they are not satisfied by money they earn, then manager can give different type of target based incentives which will encourage or motivate the employee to work hard towards their target.Introduce best performer competition, this will encourage all the sales representatives to compete with each other and even over achieve their targets. - Non-Financial: (Power motivation, Employee recognition program, Participation indecision making, Possibility of career growth, Job satisfaction) When management find that financial incentives are just not the factors affecting the sales they look into the non-financial incentives to boost up the results. Job enrichment, inviting the employees to participate in decision making and appreciating the employees’ efforts is

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