Analysis of Maupassant's Looking Back

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Emre Kahramanlar Hacettepe Üniversitesi İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı 4. Sınıf Eleştirel Okuma Analysis of Maupassant’s Looking Back Guy De Maupassant’s Story, Looking Back is a story of Abbe Maudit and his tragic life. It is centered on Maudit’s unfortunate, traumatic childhood , his isolated life, his disappointments and sorrows, which pushes him to choose a career to be a priest, who sacrificed his personal desires to be in service of people. The Story begins in M. le Cure’s residence. The atmosphere of the house is quite warm we are introduced to lovely grandchildren of M. le Cure’ Whom does Abbe Maudit tenderly love. Right after the children go to bed, M. La Cure is interested…show more content…
But unfortunate event takes place and Sam gets killed by a cart, which leaves Maudit even more in agony, sensitiveness. It is at this point where he makes the decision that he should not marry with someone or have children, as it would be extremely painful if he lose them just as he did lose Sam in an accident etc. So he decides to sacrifice his own needs for the sake of helping the other people in the community by becoming a priest. He says, “ I was not made for this world”. And the story ends with Maudit leaving the house of M. La Cure. The story’s main theme is loneliness and isolation. We see that, while telling his story Maudit is always alone. Throughout his life, he complains he cannot develop any intimate relationship with anybody because of his fragile nature. He is only busy with other people’s problems or joys in town. “And indeed he was a good man, benevolent, friendly to all, gentle, and, crown to all, generous”. This is how people in town define his personality. But when we take a close look at him, we see that he is alone, isolated, and lonely inside himself. “ I scarcely ever played; I had no companions; I passed my hours in homesickness; I spent the whole night weeping in my bed.” Therefore we can say that his loneliness haunts him his entire life, even though he seems he is in service of the other people. His problematic relationship with his parents is the main cause of it. When he needs his parents’ company, he is

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