Analysis of Maxine Hong Kingston "No Name Woman"

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Chapter I Introduction 1.1. Background of study Adultery defined as a sex relationship between a married woman and a man other than her spouse or a sex relationship that usually happened also between unmarried couples in their relationship. It is actually the same as stated in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary; adultery is a sex between a married person and someone who is not their husband or wife (18). Indeed, Adultery sometimes becomes something crucial in our society. As an addition, in certain societies or cultures, it considered as an illegal relationship or we can say forbidden against norm or belief in societies or cultures itself. Like what the writers have discussed above, that adultery has a strong relationship to…show more content…
1.2. Statement of problem The writer finds two problems that are going too analyzed in this study. In addition, the problems are: 1. What were the perspectives of Chinese cultural society toward woman adultery in No Name Woman? 2. Why the perfective of Chinese cultural society toward men and women who committed adultery in No Name Woman is different? Why the society only judged the woman? 3. How the trends captured feminist approaches in Chinese culture society for women, who commit adultery, as we see in the work of Kingston No Name Woman? 1.3. Scope of study In this paper, the writer focuses the study only on the perspectives of Chinese cultural society toward woman adultery that exist in the novel and how the point of view and its relationship to understand existing feminism. The writer does not conduct the study on other example outside the short story. 1.4. Objectives Objectives presented by the authors of this research are: 1. To provides a clear understanding of an adultery act that committed by women, who live among Chinese cultural society. 2. To explain how the position of a woman against a man among the people where they live, especially in Chinese society, and can see the reason of Chinese culture, which is pressing her. 3. To gain understanding and comprehensive view of the understanding of feminism, through the Chinese cultural society of women who commit adultery in the work of No Name Woman by Kingston 1.5.

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