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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 VISION, MISSION AND STATEMENT VALUES 1 INTERNAL AND EXTENAL ANALYSIS 3 Strength and weaknesses of McDonalds Opportunities and Threats Five Force Analysis COMPETITIVE AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES 6 The cultural web CONCLUSION 8 REFERENCES 9 INTRODUCTION Strategic management is the way of implementing different business strategies and plans to attain certain specific aims and objectives. It involves collection of decisions and different rules and policies that tend to define the results that are generated in the form of better business performance. For undertaking these activities, management should possess an in depth understanding and be able to assess the general and competitive…show more content…
• They are committed to their people: For achieving this value, the company provides opportunities, develop leaders, nurture talents and also reward achievements by providing good trainings to every individual (The Cultural Web Aligning Your Organization's Culture with Strategy, 2013). This enables all of its employees to be able to work in diverse business situations and provide a high level of engagements for continuous success. • They believe in the system in which they work: The system of the company can be termed as ‘three-legged stool’ which works on its owners or operators, company employees and suppliers which helps it in balancing the interest of all the three groups (Amason, 2010). • McDonalds operates its business ethically: This has helped the company to hold themselves and conduct business in an honest, fair and integrated manner where everyone is accountable and socially responsible. • It gives back to the community: It supports different charities and makes all the efforts to make world a better place (Johnson and et. al, 2011). • It also grows its business profitability: McDonalds is a publicly traded company and work to provide sustained profitable growth for its shareholders. For

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