Analysis of McDonald's Operation Management

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McDonalds Operations Management: McDonalds Corporation had developed to become the leading fast-food chain of restaurants since its inception to the extent that it serves more than 47 million customers across the globe on a daily basis. The corporation is the largest global food-service retailer since it has over 30,000 local restaurants that serve approximately 52 million people in over 100 countries every day. One of the critical factors attributed to the success of McDonald's global business is operations management, which focuses on the careful control of processes that are used in manufacturing and distribution of goods and/or services. Operations management is generally described as the planning, arrangement, and control of activities that change raw materials or an organization's input into finished products and services. The overall activities covered by operations management include the creation, development, manufacture, and distribution of products. The concept also relates to various activities such as inventory control, controlling purchases, quality control, logistics, storage, and evaluation ("Operations Management in McDonalds", n.d.). Since operations management covers the entire operations in an organization, it mainly focuses on the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm's processes. Throughout its restaurants across the globe, McDonald's Corporation consists of various operations that are associated with the overall strategy of the company. Some of
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