Essay on Analysis of Ministry Leaders’ Approaches to Discipleship

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A young international student walked onto a secular Florida college campus ready to start his medical studies. Being an international student meant he had to take an English class. Little did he know a required English class would change the purpose of his life. The teacher of that class was committed to discipleship as defined and shown in the Bible. Having permission to use the Bible as the textbook the teacher taught his students the Word of God. The student did not immediately respond to the things being taught, though he excelled in his English studies. He came to the States with the purpose of learning English and medicine. However he left having learned English, certified as a Registered Nurse and following Jesus Christ as his Lord…show more content…
There are many views and ideas of how to define a “disciple”. Yet how do they stand up to Jesus’ example?

Looking up the word disciple in an English or Greek dictionary yields similar meanings. The English language defines it as, “A person who is a pupil or an adherent to the doctrines of another; follower.” (disciple) The Greek simply defines it as, “A learner or pupil.” (Strong 45) The most common definition of a disciple is someone who follows behind or one who is learning from another. While the Bible does build upon the idea of following and one who learns from another, there is an additional element to be seen. In Luke 14:25-35 Jesus shares the heart of a disciple. (Schadt) The first aspect is hating one’s family and even their own life. Without complete devotion to Christ there is not any progress in the Christian walk. A disciple is one who loves God more than he loves his own flesh. Second, he must carry his cross and follow Jesus. In the time of the Roman Empire carrying one’s cross visualized one’s agreement that the Empire’s death sentence was proper condemnation. In the same way Jesus asks for meek submission in aligning yourself with His mission and purpose by carrying your cross. (Walvoord, John F.; Zuck, Roy B.; Dallas Theological Seminary; 243) The last characteristic of a disciple is giving up everything. Sacrifice of all the heart holds dear. Once again this shows where the allegiance lays. Is it in the physical securities of possessions or is it in

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