Analysis of Modern Management Thought

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Upto1700s, large organizations were mainly military, political or religious and not industrial. Gradually, members of the society began to question the existing social order which eventually gave way to new authority, structures and beliefs. During the 1800s, the technological improvements minimized the dependency on agricultural labour and created the basis for a continuous system of manufacturing which led to Industrial Revolution. Due to industrialization, Classical school of management came into existence, according to which, human beings were characterized as rational and economic being, and who would act to maximize their self-interest. Further, Scientific Approach to Management concerned with the development of one single way of performing the task and the main focus was on the measurement and structure of an organizational work. The birth of Scientific Management was attributed to Frederick Taylor. He was in favor of the best way of doing work which resulted in optimal production. Another name attached to Scientific Management was that of Henry Gantt(1816-1919) whose main focus was on rate(amount) and to provide bonus if production exceeds. In spite of its effectiveness, Scientific Management was criticized on the ground that workers are motivated merely by money. On the other hand, worker’s motivation involves job related psychological factors which were ignored in Scientific…
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