Analysis of Mrs. Grimes in Sherwood Anderson’s Death in the Woods

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Grimes in Sherwood Anderson’s “Death in the Woods”
The self-worth that a person feels that he or she has is mainly determined by how others view that individual. Many people that are blessed with a loving family learn to feel cherished and important. They believe that they have some sort of value to their lives. These people tend to find a reason to be happy and positive regardless of any negative situation they are involved in. However, those who have never been shown love or affection are more than likely going to feel worthless and insignificant. Those who are constantly ignored and neglected do not expect anything from anybody. The main concern of these unfortunate people is their survival in such a cruel world. Most of Sherwood Anderson’s short stories focus on characters that are insignificant and lack a sense of worth. Throughout Anderson’s stories, he reveals the importance, value, and worth of these so called “irrelevant characters”. An example of such an abused and unnoticed woman is Mrs. Grimes of Sherwood Anderson’s short story “Death in the Woods.” Throughout this story, Mrs. Grimes’s only purpose was to feed the animals, her son, and husband. Mrs. Grimes is an unfortunate woman who has been neglected of any type of affection and whose only purpose of existence was to be used and abused.
Beginning with her childhood, Mrs. Grimes was trapped into situations in which she was mistreated and exploited. In her youth, Mrs. Grimes was chosen to be a…
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