Analysis of Muller's Viewpoint

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Introduction Writing in Foreign Affairs, Jerry Z. Muller (2013) argues that "recent political debate"¦.has been dominated by two issues: the rise of economic inequality and the scale of government intervention to address it." He further expresses simplistic characterization of political battle lines in an attempt to create a compelling narrative for his points. However, he mostly creates a straw man that serves little purpose other than to act as a springboard for his points. The Points Muller's central point is that the current system where Western nations seek to balance the two poles of promoting capitalist growth and promoting equality is for all intents and purposes the best course. He expends tremendous energy retracing the development of the modern economy, to come to a conclusion that the current course we are actually taking is a good one. It is evident that his framing of the issue as conflict between two diametrically-opposed worldviews was necessary, because for his intentions of dissecting the way modern capitalism has shaped society his recommendations and conclusion have little potency. The present course of action, after all, is the middle path that results from different political viewpoints converging to develop policies. If there ever was a conflict of the type he posits, the resolution is already in place, and all his essay did was confirm it. Analysis Muller executes a comprehensive overview of the development of the modern capitalist system in

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