Analysis of Multi-Level Governance and the Policy Process in the Uk.

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Critically analyse how a multi-level governance perspective can help us understand the policy process in the UK. This essay will attempt to show that multi-layered global governance, supra-national level governance, national governance, sub-national governance is already a reality for the citizens of the United Kingdom .There is no longer only one or two levels of government as in the past – Central Government and local government . 'Government ' is the traditional understanding of how the UK is governed from Westminster through formal institutions and elected government. While the nation-state is likely to remain the foremost unit of government, Devolution and Europeanisation have also emerged and this…show more content…
(Held et al.,1999,p8) There are many organisations which operate on the international stage which broadly fall into two groups – intergovernmental organisations (IGOs) such as the United Nations, World Bank, and the World Trade Organisation, and also non -governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Oxfam, Greenpeace, or the International Red Cross. IGOs and NGOs are important actors in the governance process. (Hague and Harrop,2001, p.50 ) Multinational companies (MNCs) are also hugely powerful players on the world stage as nations have often become economically dependent on the vast amounts of capital which these companies generate. Around fifty percent of world production is undertaken by multi- national companies. The UK government often mounts huge efforts to encourage multi- national companies to remain here in the UK. Multi-national companies can exert real pressure on the policy process in the UK merely by suggesting that they will relocate. Companies are mobile while the state is not! For example the UK government managed to persuade Ford to retain production of Jaguar cars within Britain by the use of attractive financial incentives. ( Hague and Harrop, 2001, p.57 ) In that particular case they were successful, however there has been an increasing trend for multi-national companies to relocate their
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