Analysis of Music and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

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The reason why I choose this performance is because since young, I have developed a strong affection in classical music. Unlike other people who prefer European piano songs composed by Beethoven and Mozart, I enjoy music of both Chinese and European styles and I want to found out the difference between a traditional Chinese concert and western style concert.
I went to the concert with my friends. The concert is set up at whitemud crossing library. The performance was set up in the lecture hall of the library. It was a small lecture hall with small stage on it and it was set up with Soft lighting, neat wooden bench, and warm atmosphere. There were 4 Musicians on the stage sit in a semicircle facing the audience.,2musician is come from university of Alberta department of Music. Guillaume Tardif is Associate professor and the associate chair and Yue Deng is artists-in Residence in Violin. The rest 2 musicians were artist comes from Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Charles Pilon is Assistant principal Violist and Colin Ryan is Principal Cellist. Instrument contain are 2 violin, one viola and one cello.The repertory they performed is come from Felix Mendelssohn and Robert Schumann. All the information about today’s concert is include on a brochure which you can get when you walk in.
This is the first time I attended the…
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