Analysis of My Body Language in My Presentation

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I had to redo it so then I tried to make some kind of eye contact with my audience. Eye contact is important because I had to keep them engaged and made sure that they were listening to me. I also used body gestures such as hand gestures to look appealing to my audience and to keep them entertained. If I didn’t do it and just had my hands in pocket or side of my body, they would wander off and stop listening to me. I used a bit of verbal exchanges because I greeted the audience at start of my presentation by saying hello and then went into the presentation. I could’ve extended it by asking them a question in middle of the presentation about their opinion.
Furthermore in my presentation, strength was I tried to summarise the main points in my presentation because for three interpersonal headings, I’ve summarised the main information that was needed for them. I did this because it would give a brief overview of skills to audience.
The negative aspects for my presentations were that I didn’t do any kind of sign language because I think it wasn’t appropriate for the presentation since my audience didn’t require any kind of sign language. I could’ve told them about what is sign language and with some examples so they knew what it was and where to use it if…

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