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ACCG224: Intermediate Financial Accounting Case study (Myer Holdings Limited) Lecturer: Tas Nair Prepared by: ZENG FAN Student ID: 43140505 Contents 1. Contents 1 Executive Summary The purpose of this research report is to understand of two important concepts from the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting----the objective of general purpose financial reporting and qualitative characteristics of useful financial information. In this report, Myer Holdings Ltd is as an example to describe these two concepts. This report includes the analysis on whether the disclosure of PPE from Myer Holdings Ltd meets the requirements of AASB 116, especially the requirements of objective…show more content…
These characteristics can enhance relevant and faithfully represented financial information. Comparability can help users find similarities and differences among events and conditions. Verifiability implies a consensus among different measurers. Timeliness is very important, if information is timely, it can help users to make a decision as soon as possible. Understandability is used to measure whether the financial information is categorized and presented in a clarified and concise way for users to understand easily. (IASB 2010) Disclosures on PPE and AASB 116 The objective of AASB 116 is to stipulate the accounting treatment for property, plant and equipment, make user can understand information about an entity’s investment in its property, plant and equipment, and the changes in entity’s investment. The main issue for property, plant and equipment in accounting are the recognition of relationship between assets, the determination of their carrying amounts, the depreciation charges and impairment losses. AASB 116 required the entity disclose it’s information of gross carrying amount, depreciation method, depreciation rate, useful lives of PPE, accumulated depreciation and reconciliation of carrying amount at beginning of the reporting period and at end of the reporting period. Myer Holdings Ltd is one of the ASX 200 companies and it is fully comply with the AASB 116. Myer

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