Analysis of Night

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3 April, 2013 H English 10 Period 1 “Faith is Lost in the Night” The horrible accounts of the holocaust are vividly captured by Elie Wiesel in Night, an award winning work by a Holocaust survivor. It describes his time in the Holocaust and helps the reader fully understand the pain he went through. In the text, Elie continuously mentions how he is losing his faith to god. It is evident that he has nearly, if not completely lost his faith during the events of the holocaust. In the memoir, Night, Elie Wiesel’s faith changes because of the absence of God, the dehumanization of the prisoners, and all of the death that surrounds him. A main factor to the loss of Elie’s faith is the absence of God. Many times in the memoir, Elie is…show more content…
He was then beaten by some others and eventually died of a blow to the head. This caused turmoil in Elie’s life because all of his faith and will to live stemmed from his father. After his father’s death he had nothing to look forward to and nothing to be faithful for. Because of this, he lost all of his faith and will to live. It is remarkable that Elie was able to survive without any faith because that is what pushed him to live on. Death was the prominent reason Elie lost his faith in the memoir. The absence of God, the dehumanization of the prisoners, and all of the death that surrounds him causes Elie Wiesel to lose faith in the memoir Night. Once Elie knew that god had betrayed him and the other Jews, he began to lose his faith. After being tortured to an unbelievable extent and treated like dogs he lost yet even more faith. Finally, when his father, his source of faith, dies he completely loses all hope and will to live. Elie’s faith changed drastically from the beginning to the end of the memoir because he had to live through the horrors of the
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