Analysis of Nike's Innovation Management Structure

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Introduction Innovation is the process of successful exploitation and commercialization of new idea. In the present contemporary technological and business environment, innovation is more than just common ideas or R&D (research and development).Innovation covers all process, technological, marketing and organizational in the development and commercialization of new products and services in order to provide value to customers. Innovation process covers four main tiers or levels: technologies/products/services process organisational business (Charter & Clark, 2007). An effective organizational management structure could contribute to the acceleration of the innovation in the contemporary business environment. Over the year, Nike implements efficient innovation management structure that assists the company to achieve effective innovative process. Strengths of Nike's Innovation Management Structure Over the year, Nike has been able to achieve a superior performances using matrix innovative management structure. As being revealed in Fig 1, top management delegates important innovation decisions to innovation teams and delegation starts from CEO (chief executive officer) to vice president of marketing category. Typically, management delegates innovation process to subordinates to avoid delay in implementing fast innovation process. Nike organizes its innovation structure in a matrix structure, and the strength of the company management innovation structure lies

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